Energy Tariff Experts (ETE) Provides the Following Services and Products

Bill Audits.png

The best way to start an Energy Efficiency (EE) engagement is with a bill audit. Customers care most about saving money, not the environment. The bill audit often uncovers billing issues that yield immediate savings and it identifies the customer accounts with the highest ROI EE opportunities. By engaging ETE to conduct bill audits on the front end of your EE engagement, you'll know where the richest EE opportunities are and be positioned to deliver savings quickly.

RE Fin Due Diligence.png

ETE works with consultants, end-users, financial institutions, and select developers to provide high quality analysis on the potential financial outcomes of solar PV, combined heat & power (CHP) systems, and small scale wind. ETE uses its expertise in tax incentives, state incentive programs and rebates, net metering tariffs, REC market pricing trends, and retail energy costs to expertly evaluate the potential range of financial outcomes for a renewable energy project. For end-users weighing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) vs. ownership, ETE can provide robust analyses to inform the decision.

Custom Tariff Research.png

ETE works with consulting firms and others who need detailed wholesale or retail tariff information for a specific project. Whether its parsing a complicated rate case or analyzing certain types of rates across multiple utilities, ETE can deliver a cost effective solution that frees up staff time to focus on other aspects of the engagement. By using ETE, your firm can deliver expertise that would be cost prohibitive to develop in-house.

Staff Training.png

Does your firm want to do any of the following:

  • Train sales staff to read utility bills so they can sell more effectively?
  • Teach a basic understanding of deregulated energy markets to staff?
  • Ensure that engineers and account managers understand fundamental concepts in utility rate and billing structures?

If you answered Yes to any of the items above, ETE has a solution for you.

Energy Data Products.png

ETE has developed various data products including:

  • Lists of demand charges for common commercial and industrial electricity rates by region
  • Default utility supply costs for electricity and natural gas for most deregulated utility markets
  • Utility rate cheat sheets that capture key aspects of a utility rate on one page
  • Sales tools for EE and Solar PV professionals

ETE sells these products on a stand alone basis or includes them as part of a consulting package.