Energy Tariff Experts


We are experts in wholesale and retail electric and natural gas rate tariffs. This expertise, combined with comprehensive datasets and advanced analysis capabilities, allows us to provide excellent information, products, and services around end-user utility costs. Our motto is "Understand Cost, Make Better Decisions" since end-user energy investments and decisions are much more successful when the underlying assumptions about energy costs are correct.

We Are Working to Address Major Industry Challenges

The majority of energy "savings" calculations given to commercial and industrial end-use customers are fundamentally wrong. Currently, too many opportunities are missed because value propositions get lost in weighted average cost calculations, assumptions, and fuzzy estimates around end-user costs. Energy Tariff Experts is adept at illustrating how the nuances of utility rates can uncover hidden opportunities for significant savings.

We Are Accelerating The Adoption of Renewable Energy

We are well versed in the Federal, state, and local tax incentives for renewable energy as well as state level renewable portfolio standards. Our cost models for renewable energy projects provide robust decision tools for management to determine the feasibility of a renewable energy project.

We Are a Resource to Innovative Firms in The Energy Field

We work as a partner with energy efficiency companies, consultants, financial firms, developers, and end-use customers to provide specialized information, analysis, tools, training, and research on utility rates and end-user costs. We enable companies to access a world class capability on a flexible outsourced basis at an  affordable price point. Energy Tariff Experts has experience in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Energy Tariff Experts has been certified by the SBA as a HubZone firm and is always interested in partnership opportunities related to contracts with the U.S. Government.