We Are Collaborative By Nature & Support Various Types of Consulting Firms


Energy Consultants and Brokers

Does your customer need:

  • A service to audit invoices or perform reconciliation of  electric and gas supplier bills  with pass-throughs?

  • A specific analysis, but you don't have the subscription data (e.g., futures, forwards, historical, etc.) to do it?

  • An expert to assist in evaluating a proposed renewable energy system?

  • A transaction in a market that is unfamiliar to you?

Management Consultants

Have you ever had a client engagement that required:

  • Specialized energy rate and cost expertise?

  • Research and analysis of special tariff types (e.g., electric vehicle charging, natural gas fueling) and preparation of a summary for a client?

  • The evaluation of several sites for a new facility where energy costs are a key decision criteria?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ETE wants to fill this need on your consulting team. Let us be your partner and help you deliver what your customer wants.

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