Use the Bill Audit to Build Your Energy Efficiency (EE) Roadmap with the Customer

For firms that sell EE as a service, delivering savings early in the engagement is crucial to success. The bill audit should be completed first because it will identify the accounts with the highest ROI opportunities. It will also likely find billing issues that yield immediate savings if corrected (e.g., wrong rate class, sales tax on exempt accounts, errors, etc.). 

Identify Cost Drivers First, Then Look For EE Measures

Customer Savings.png

As the graphic to the right illustrates, the customer has any number of price signals embedded in their utility rates. A good EE program recognizes these price signals and responds to them to maximize customer savings.

Most companies still find efficiency opportunities first and calculate financial savings second. If the savings calculations are done using weighted average unit costs, they are almost certainly wrong. Smart EE professionals focus on items like demand charges, capacity charges, power factor penalties, and on/off peak price differentials. ETE's bill auditing services make this process effortless.

ETE Will Work With You As A Partner

Service Delivery Model.png

ETE's primary sales model is to be a channel partner with energy firms. ETE can either be presented as a member of the EE firm's team or can render services on a white label basis for large brand name EE firms. Partner firms that use ETE can mark-up ETE's services for re-sale to the customer.

ETE's Bill Audit Deliverables Are Content Rich for the Customer & EE Firm

Bill Audit Process.png

ETE produces content rich deliverables in either report or PowerPoint form. Their purpose is to illustrate the savings opportunities uncovered by the audit, list follow-up actions, and clearly illustrate the accounts that offer the best opportunities for high ROI EE projects. ETE uses screenshots of actual customer bills to educate all parties about the price signals and elements in the rate structure that drive EE cost savings opportunities. These deliverables can be co-branded or white labeled.

Custom Analyses

ETE has many templates, data subscriptions, and analysis tools to provide deep insights into customer load data and cost drivers. We are always happy to talk with EE firms and determine if ETE has a suitable solution. If the question deals with usage or costs, we can help.