ERCOT 4CP - July 2013 Review

July 2013 was a strange one for ERCOT. Typically July is when things really heat up and the ERCOT grid gets very tight and expensive. As we discussed in a previous post, preliminary data indicate that the June ERCOT peak of 64,543 occurred on the 27th during the 16:45 interval. The July ERCOT peak of 64,968 occurred on the 31st during the 16:45 interval. The graph below shows maximum daily ERCOT system loads. The unusual feature in this graph is the low loads during the first and third weeks of July. Texas experienced a cooler and wetter than normal week during the third week of July and this is reflected clearly in the electric loads. Texas needs the rain given the current drought conditions, but it certainly made for an outlier in the load graph.

For customers working to manage their 4CP tag, we are halfway through the season. Calling the peak in September is usually pretty easy, but calling the peak in August is tough so we still have a few more weeks of ERCOT load watching to do. Remember, if you need someone to help you with this, call these guys

ERCOT July 2013.png